Types of Carpets

Carpets based on Fibre

Fibre is the basic entity of any textile product. It signifies the weather the textile product is useful for.

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Carpets based on Method

Carpet Weaving is done by three main methods. HandKnotting, HandWeaving HandTufting.

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Designs are more than what meets the eye.

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ChairMan's Message

The world has entered the ‘Digital Age’ and the need of the hour for every business is to reinvent itself on the global arena. The Indian Handmade Carpet sector is no different than any other. Our only hope is to reach the world with the positives of the Indian Handmade Carpets against the Machine-made Carpets and bring in the change which global buyers want to see in our work processes, designs and quality.

The Carpet Export Promotion Council is committed towards showcasing the Indian Handmade Carpets on the World stage and will continue to do so. The world market is as diverse, in its preferences in buying carpets, as the types of carpets originating from the different regions of the World. Hence, our strategy for marketing in each market has to be as different. U.S. is our biggest market and while we continue to Brand and market our products there, we must start focusing on other markets like Germany, UK, Australia, Russia, South America, Canada, South Africa, China and the rest of the world. Our marketing not only needs to be different for each geographical location but also has to be different for various products that India produces. Our approach on marketing and branding will be different for different countries in look, feel and language and we will be marketing various products that we make, variedly.

What we lack in innovation due to technology due to the innate nature of our product, we can conquer by innovating our designs and materials as per the buyer’s taste and use technology especially digital technology to Brand and Marketing our products. You will see innovative ways and tools which will be used online to promote our products across the world. And this will both be Consumer centric and dealer centric, to the trade and to the end user.

While we continue to evolve in our products and marketing strategy, we need to work with various other changes in Law & Working environments. We need to quickly adopt to the changes in GST, Demonetization, Duty Drawback, Social & Environment compliances, etc. We need to be up to date with all the changes, quick to adopt them seamlessly and be very responsible citizens, manufacturers and exporters. While we at CEPC try, and represent all of you on various platforms and make all the changes easy to adopt and work with. We eventually need grow together not just as individuals but collectively as an industry and a nation.

I look forward to serving all of you and the entire industry. Will need all your support, guidance and help to take the trade and industry to the next level, where we can proudly have our next generation, our weavers next generation, continuing to work in this trade.

With Kind Regards,
Siddh Nath Singh



ED's Message

Handmade Carpets have been around us from centuries. It was King Akbar who brought this age old tradition to India from western Asia. The younger generation of India does not know it the way it is. The beauty, elegance and craftsmanship of Indian Handmade carpets is such that it becomes difficult for a layman to distinguish between a Handmade carpet and a Machine made carpet. It is our prime motto at Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC) to promote the Indian Handmade Carpet on the World platform. But, it will be equally important to us to make the younger generation of India aware about this art.

A step toward this direction is Council’s new website which will focus on Consumers, Buyers and Members as well. The new website has pages which make the end consumer aware about the Past, Present and Future of Handmade Carpets of India. Soon it will have a member login section where all the necessary information related to its members will be displayed on a single page dashboard. This new website will make the communication with members much smoother and faster.

CEPC is also venturing out a new project of opening a warehouse in China wherein there is a provision of a warehouse both in and outside the custom bonded areas. This will enable member exporters to get more access to various parts of China.

CEPC recently launched a “Rugs of India Label”, “Carbon Foot Print (CFP)” Study & Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and some more initiatives for the Indian Handmade Carpet industry. I hope all these steps will prove quite beneficial for larger goal of creating Brand of Indian Handmade Carpets a popular name around the world and will provide a new dimension to this Industry.

Kind Regards

Sanjay Kumar
Executive Director-cum- Secretary




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