CEPC, a non-profit making organization, was setup in 1982 by the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India to promote export of Carpets, all types of Handmade / handmade knotted Carpets, Rugs, Floor Coverings & other allied Products from India. And since then, has been the voice of Indian carpets business community. With working office in the heart of Delhi, Registered Office at NOIDA, UP, and regional office at Bhadohi. CEPC has more than 2500 members across the country. One of the fascinating aspects of CEPC is the overwhelming variety of handmade carpet products it deals with.

  • CEPC is an ardent advocate of exporters to the Government and the primary focus is
    to provide export assistance to its member exporters.
  • CEPC sends trade delegation to all major and developing markets around the world, showcases Indian exports all over the world through exhibitions, fairs.
  • CEPC can help the sourcing needs of an importer anywhere in the world, and also the
    selling needs of Indian exporters.

CEPC Profile

Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC) was established by exporters under Companies Act in the year 1982 and is a non-profit organization, set up with the objective to promote and develop exports of Handmade Carpets, Rugs and other Floor Coverings. It is an official body of handmade carpet exporters for promotion of exports from country and projected India's “Make in India” image abroad as a reliable supplier of high quality handmade carpet products. CEPC therefore, helps in R & D, quality assurance, timely delivery of finished products across the globe in addition to skill enhancement of weavers / artisans / entrepreneurs, strengthening base in existing markets, identifying potential markets, educating about government policies and its compliances, providing assistance for brand building of Indian hand-made carpets, through publicity, participating in and organizing world renowned trade fairs, expositions and road shows etc around the word in established markets. Also exploring potential and upcoming markets globally for promotion of Indian handmade carpets, rugs floor coverings etc.

Indian Carpets are renowned all over the world for their exquisite designs, subtle elegance, attractive colours and workmanship. Hand-knotted Woollen Carpets from India speak eloquently of the superb workmanship. India produces all types of qualities with specific designs; colours and sizes as per requirement of world market and have an edge to produce carpets according to the specification of buyer with timely delivery schedule. The art of weaving carpet has percolated down through generations and the Indian craftsmen have been creating the greatest of specimen since the medieval period.

Indian Handmade Carpet Industry is ranked No. 1 status in the international market achieved highest quantity both in terms of value and production in the world market. India is possessing market share of around 35% of total world import of Handmade Carpets. India takes a global leap in its textile exports with the strong base of improved infrastructure, quality and technology.

With a membership of over 2500 members and over 20 associations / business associations / weavers / artisans associations’, CEPC espouses the shared vision of Indian businesses and speaks directly and indirectly for over 25000 business units. It has an expanding direct membership of enterprises drawn from medium, small and tiny segments of carpet weaving / manufacturing, distributive trade and services. CEPC maintains the lead as the proactive day – to – day business solution provider through research and development, through organizing BSM, RBSMs, participating in trade fairs, expositions / events at foreign shore, interactions at highest level with Union Government and State Governments.

The Council facilitates understanding of carpets related Indian and International trade policies, emerging trade issues, social & environmental compliances, quality management and sustainable business practices.

Steps are being taken to promote and develop its exclusiveness for the domestic markets also. The Council is exploring possibilities for domestic sale through holding of exhibition-cum-sale fairs at prominent outlets especially through Shilpi Haat, Delhi Haats, States’ owned Haats etc and in other Government outlets.

In the knowledge-driven globalised economy, CEPC stands for quality, competitiveness, transparency, accountability and business government-civil society partnership to spread ethics-bases business practices and to enhance the quality of life of the weavers / artisans and common people. CEPC is a resourceful one stop sourcing point which can be reached @ www.indiancarpets.com

Was established by exporters under Companies Act in the year




members and

over 20

associations, business associations, weavers, artisans associations,

India is possessing market share of around


of total world import of Handmade Carpets.

CEPC espouses the shared vision of Indian businesses and speaks directly and indirectly for over


business units

Committee of Administration

Shri Siddh Nath Singh

Chairman, CEPC

Mr. Umer Hameed

2nd Vice-Chairman, CEPC

Mr. Abdul Rub

Member COA, CEPC

Mr. Feroze Waziri

Member COA, CEPC

Mr. Husain Jafar Husaini

Member COA, CEPC

Mr. Onkar Nath Misra

Member COA, CEPC

Mr. Mohd. Wasif Ansari

Member COA, CEPC

Mr. Rajendra Prasad Mishra

Member COA, CEPC

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Gupta

Member COA, CEPC

Mr. Umesh Kumar Gupta

Member COA, CEPC

Mr. Satish Wattal

Member COA, CEPC

Mr. Sheikh Ashiq Ahmad

Member COA, CEPC

Mr. Bodh Raj Malhotra

Member COA, CEPC

Mr. Sunil Jain

Member COA, CEPC

Gulam Nabi Bhat

Member COA, CEPC

Shree Ram Maurya

Member COA, CEPC

Sandeep Kataria

Member COA, CEPC

Sanjay Kumar

Executive Director-cum-Secretary, CEPC

Director (Exports),Ministry of Textiles

Director (Exports),Ministry of Textiles

The Director (Finance),Ministry of Commerce

The Director (Finance),Ministry of Commerce


Addl. Dev. Commr.(Handicrafts),O/o. the Dev. Commr. (Handicrafts)