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Annual Membership Renewal 2024-25

Annual membership subscription for the year 2024-25 of this council is due on 1st April 2024 as per the following:


Category Particulars Amount of Annual Membership Subscription in Rs
1 Export Performance up to Rs 50.00 lakhs during 2022-23 2,000.00 + 360.00 (GST @18%)

Rs. 2,360.00

2 Export performance above Rs 50.00 lakhs & up to Rs 1.00 Crore during 2022-23 3,000.00 + 540.00 (GST@18%)

Rs. 3540.00

3 Export Performance above Rs 1.00 Crore and up to Rs 10.00 Crores during 2022-23 5,000.00 + 900.00 (GST@18%)

Rs. 5,900.00

4 Export Performance above Rs 10.00 Crores during 2022-23 10,000.00 + 1,800.00 (GST@ 18%)



Please note:

  • As per revised guidelines membership subscription fees are acceptable through the DGFT portal only.
  • Payments through CEPC’s Indian Overseas Bank (IOB)/Online Payment Gateway Axis Bank Gateway/Cheque/Draft are not acceptable.”

RCMC Renewal:
If your RCMC expires on 31st March 2024, we request you to renew it through the DGFT site and ensure that the payment of membership subscription fees is paid.

Submission of Export Turnover Certificate:
A certificate from a Chartered Accountant certifying the annual export turnover (F.O.B. value) of handmade carpets and other floor coverings for the financial year 2023-24 must be submitted to the Council by 31th May 2024.

The last date for payment of membership fees is 31st May 2024. Please note that a late fee of Rs 500 + GST will be applicable for payments made after 31st May 2024 until 30th September 2024.


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