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Autumn Fair

Country - Birmingham, United Kingdom

Date - 3 - 6 September 2023

Bookings Closed

UK’s leading marketplace for wholesale home, gift and fashion.

Autumn Fair puts the most sought-after products, suppliers and creative thinkers under one roof. We’re the UK’s leading wholesale marketplace for home, gift and fashion, showcasing fantastic new products from the best brands in retail. Autumn Fair is an experience the internet can’t provide – giving you the opportunity to make valuable connections and to touch, feel and see the latest products in person.

For more: https://www.autumnfair.com/

Participation charges: 

The event is proposed under The Market Access Initiative (MAI) grant-in-aid from Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India. MAI grant  is available only to the eligible member exporters for participation in above fair, which will be Rs. 2,43,000/- for 9 sq. mtr. Booth and 3,80,000 for 12 sq. Mtr. booth subject to approval from MAI Department, MOC&I, MAI guidelines and terms and conditions of participation.  

The eligible member participant will also be entitled for reimbursement of to and fro airfare of (ONLY for economy excursion class) upto the maximum ceiling limit of Rs.75,000/- ONLY available to proprietor/Director/Partner of the registered eligible member participant as per MAI guide lines upon submission of their original claim form.


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