Dear Colleagues,

As you are aware the preparation of 40th INDIA CARPET EXPO- VIRTUAL FAIR is in full swing. This initiative is to bridge the gap between Indian products and demand of Handmade Carpets and floor coverings across the globe in post pandemic era. The event will be held LIVE from 21st to 25th August, 2020 for buyers for the Handmade Carpets and other floor coverings. It is a great and unique opportunity for the Members Exporters to get themselves associated with the event as an exhibitor to reach out to global buyers.

Today, the 19th July, 2020, CEPC arranged 2nd Demo of the Virtual Exhibition for Members. During the meeting alongwith me my colleague Shri Umer Hameed, 2nd Vice-Chairman, Shri Umesh Kumar Gupta, Shri Abdul Rub, Shri Rajender Prashad Mishra, Shri Mohd. Wasif Ansari, Shri Husain Jafar Husaini, Shri Sandeep Kataria, Members COA, CEPC 103 Members exporters were present. So far more than 100 members have already confirmed their participation with fees and expecting participation of around 200 Members in the fair.

Keeping in the mind to clear confusion of Member-Exporters over the issue of Security features on the Virtual Exhibition platform the demo was organised. Team of CEPC officials and agency is clearing all the doubts of the Members and assisting them who so ever contacting them. I requested Mr. Sooraj Dhawan of M/s Falcon Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd. to once again clear the doubts of the Members on the Security related issues. Mr. Shri Sooraj Dhawan further confirmed that our system is full proof and no exhibitor can see the booth of other exhibitors and one can enter the booth only with the authorized password with the exhibitors and hence requested Members to keep your password safe and to share with only those to whom they want to visit their booth. Mr, Sooraj Dhawan show the features of the platform to the Members in the demo and clarify their doubts.

Shri Siddh Nath Singh further mentioned that in physical fairs one is able to see how and what other exhibitors are displaying in their booths but on Virtual Platform of CEPC no one is allowed the access. Shri Singh once again requested Members to be cautious while sharing the password of your booth, in case any member share their password with others, we in CEPC or agency cannot stop them to visit your booth. As such the question of copying of design and data is totally impossible in our system. However, Council will provide the access to Buyers to visit the booths of the participants and only they are allowed to see your products and details and can copy the same and we cannot stop them.

Mr. Dhawan informed the whole process for setting up of the booth to the Members in the demo meeting and requested members to contact them individually in case of any technical issue for immediate solution/ clarification.

We will organize one final demo of the system with those Members who confirmed their participation by 26th July, 2020 – how the exhibition will look and how buyers will visit the exhibition in the last week of July and requested Members to complete their booth display before the final demo meeting. Council will further arrange demo of video conferencing meeting of Members with Buyers before the show and will inform the participants individually.

I am thankful to entire Committee of Administration for making effort to make Virtual Exhibition a grand success. Industry will enter into a new era with the help of technology, open the doors of global market in the corona scenario and will be a mile stone.

We request for the support and cooperation of the Members for the success of the show.


Siddh Nath Singh



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