Press Release : Meeting With Shri Navneet Sehgal, IAS, Addl. Chief Secretary (ACS), MSME & Export Promotion, Govt. of U.P.


9th September, 2020

Shri Siddh Nath Singh, Chairman, CEPC while taking up the problems of the Member-Exporters with Senior Officials in the Centre and State Govt. in various meetings/ platforms. Today 9th Sept., 2020, CEPC convened a meeting through Video Conferencing with Shri Navneet Sehgal, IAS, Addl. Chief Secretary (ACS), MSME & Export Promotion, Govt. of U.P. to resolve the issues of the Members in U.P.

Shri Navneet Sehgal, Addl. Chief Secretary, MSME & Export Promotion, Govt. of U.P. alongwith Shri Pawan Agtarwal, Joint Commissioner, Exports, and Shri B.C. Tiwari, Consultant, UP Export Promotion Bureau attended the meeting.

Shri Siddh Nath Singh, Chairman, CEPC, Shri Umesh Kumar Gupta, Shri Rajender Prashad Mishra, Shri Sanjay Gupta, Shri Shree Ram Maurya, Members COA, CEPC, Shri Sanjay Kumar, Executive Director, CEPC Shri Junaid Ansari, President, EUPEA, Shri Ved Prakash Gupta, Hony. Treasurer, AICMA, Shri Vijay Kapoor, Varanasi, Dr. Rajnikant, Padam Shree and GI Expert were present in the meeting.

Chairman, CEPC raised the following issues of the industry before the Addl. Chief Secretary (ACS), MSME & Export Promotion :

  1. To consider the long pending demand for construction of proper roads – Gaddha Mukt Bhadohi.
  2. Marketing assistance should be enhanced for 90% from existing 65% cap for carpet exporters.
  3. To provide full freight subsidies up to Mumbai port after the normalcy happens for carpet exporter.
  4. To wave off the electricity charges of exporters for at least 3-4 months
  5. To provide assistance for at least six month wages for the weavers to compensate the losses of exporting community of Carpet sector.
  6. Extensive Branding & Marketing support for the Carpet Exporters.
  7. To consider for construction of Good Budget Hotel near the Bhadohi Carpet Expo Mart on urgent basis.

Shri Navneet Sehgal informed that he has already taken up the issue of roads with PWD Department and was delayed due to Corona outbreak.  After rainy season the work will start.

Shri Sehgal agreed to increase the MAI Assistance from State Govt. from 65% to 90% and assured that in the new policy it will be incorporated.

Shri Seghal further informed that UP Govt. is in the process to include Bhadohi in AMRUIT Yojna for infrastructure development of Bhadohi.  Shri Sehgal informed about the Virtual Exhibition organized by UP Export Promotion Bureau in the month of October, 2020 and requested CEPC to participate with their Members.  Chairman, CEPC  further suggested to form a Core Committee with all stake holders.  Shri Seghal agreed for the same.

Regarding the request of Chairman CEPC for some monetary benefit to the Member-Exporters he agreed to consider and requested to submit detailed proposal.

On request of Shri Navneet Shegal to organize activity in Bhadohi Carpet Expo Mart, Shri Siddh Nath Singh, Chairman, CEPC agreed to consider Post COVID era probably in February/ March, 2021 in consultation with Committee of Administration, CEPC

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