Press Release : Webinar on RoDTEP


11 September 2020

Today, the 11th September, 2020 Carpet Export Promotion Council organized a Webinar on RoDTEP.

Shri Siddh Nath Singh, Chairman, CEPC, Shri Umer Hameed, 2nd Vice-Chairman, Shri Umesh Kumar Gupta, Shri Onkar Nath Mishra, Shri Abdul Rub, Shri B.R. Malhotra, Shri Mohd. Wasif, Members COA, CEP,  Shri Onkar Nath Mishra, President, AICMA, Shri Sanjay Kumar, Executive Director, CEPC were present in the Webinar.

Shri Siddh Nath Singh, Chairman, CEPC in his welcome address briefed the Members bout the discontinuation of MEIS Scheme and introduction of new Scheme RoDTEP from 1st January, 2021 with a view that exporters would get the refunds in the form of transferable duty credit/electronic scrip, which will be maintained in an electronic ledger. This would ensure that exports are zero-rates, along with refunds such as drawback and IGST. The new RoDTEP Scheme helps Indian exporters to get level playing field in the international market. Govt. constituted a Committee under Shri G.K. Pillai with Shri Y.S. Parandey and Shri Gautam Ray  to consider the data of EPCs.

Shri Singh mentioned that  he understand that Members are facing certain problems in providing the data, hence we arranged today’s webinar so that queries/ doubts of Members can be clarified by Shri N.K. Chopra who is providing consultancy and helping Carpet Industry for submission of required data to the Govt.

Shri Siddh Nath Singh requested Members for their support by submission of required data to enable Council to submit the data on time to the Govt..

Shri N.K. Chopra, Managing Director, M/s ICCH Global Consulting (P) Ltd. informed the background, Objective, Features and benefit of the RoDTEP Scheme with difference in MEIS and RoDTEP Scheme to the Members. Shri N.K. Chopra informed the details of the data/ inputs required from the Members and also clarify their doubts on the issue.

Shri Pankush Arora made a powerpoint presentation in details on RoDTEP, its objective, features and difference between MEIS & RoDTEP.  He further discussed the formate provided by RoDTEP Committee.

During the Webinar Shri Umesh Kumar Gupta, Shri Ravi Patodia, Shri Pradeep Dubey, Shri Atul Anand, Shri Tariq Bhatt, Shri Mahavir Jain, Shri Abdul Majid, Shri Rajesh Rawat, Shri Kanti Lal Jain, Shri Jamal raised certain quries and seek clarifications  which were duly replied and clarified by Shri N.K. Chopra.

Shri Umer Hameed, 2nd Vice-Chairman, CEPC delivered a formal Vote of Thanks on behalf of the Carpet Export Promotion Council to all the participants  and expressed hope that the doubts of the Members will be cleared and Members will come forward in submitting the required data in the larger interest of the Handmade Carpet Industry.

Shri Sanjay Kumar, Executive Director, CEPC is happy and mentioned that with the support of Members, Council will submit the required data for all the 78 HS line of Chapter 57 to the RoDTEP Committee in time so that any product may not left and Council will be able to getting maximum benefit for our Members.


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